The Stretta Procedure is an endoscopically-guided, minimally invasive, outpatient procedure performed  in approximately 60 minutes. The Stretta Catheter, powered by the Mederi Radiofrequency Generator, is an innovative design for simple, precise and safe delivery of radiofrequency energy to the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) muscle and gastric cardia. This treatment has been shown to remodel tissue and improve the barrier function and motility of the LES, reducing the frequency and severity of reflux events. There is no hospital stay involved with the Stretta Procedure and patients are typically able to return to normal activities the following day.


How Stretta works

Training Animation

Stretta Procedure

1. Position, Inflate, Deploy, Treat

The Physician positions the device, inflates the balloon and deploys the needle electrodes. During treatment, radiofrequency energy is delivered in a controlled manner to the tissue surrounding the needle electrodes.

2. Treatment at Multiple Levels

The treatment sequence is repeated at multiple levels in the muscle of the lower esophageal sphincter and gastric cardia.

3. Transient Relaxation Reduction and Tissue Remodeling

Stretta treatment has been shown to remodel the tissue, strengthening the barrier function and reducing the transient relaxations of this muscle that are known to cause GERD.